Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our Responsibility

one way to destroy Islam is simply by making it a RELIGION, instead of a WAY OF LIFE..proof? secularism, of which people try to distinguish between church (read: religion) from state affair..

yes, i have always been told that, orang yang kaya itu susah hendak masuk syurga! (correct me, if i was wrong), thousands of Muslims simply use this excuse so to live in a modest way: working as an ordinary man, and thus living as others do..for them, why should we work hard since the world will be seems true tho! why should we put extra efforts so to improve our lives, of which all of us, regardless you are billionaire or not, will be dead sooner or, why bother much???? if you think this way, you are not really a good Muslim!

and how many of us, when being asked about Islam, the first thing that comes up in our mind is Solah, Zakat, and etc??? how many of us would be really interested to know about Islamic-based economics or politics? how many of us would apply their Islamic knowledge into their studies (which means no "tiru" during exam, and etc)? how many of us would ever consider to learn on how to mingle around with people in a very Islamic ways?? and to be frank, i have been taking Islam for granted..yes, i do know Islam, but only in a very surface level..i was used to think that Islam is nothing, but performing solah, fasting, and etc..oh God, please forgive me!  i was part of this fitnah, of making Islam merely a religion! 

p/s: terkesan dengan kata2 seorang teman bahawa Muslims itu menepati waktu/janji

L E T ' S  C H A N G E  F O R  B E T T E R

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