Monday, November 1, 2010

ain't it obvious?

the only reason for badmouthing people is to make ourselves feeling better..ain't it obvious? but, it's important for us to make a clear line between badmouthing and criticizing..for me, a good, and thus constructive criticism should have the following aspects:

  • it must be based on facts, and not individual opinions (consensual opinions might be accepted)
  • the pundits must provide alternatives, regardless better or worse, for every problems they mentioned
  • the pundits must be humble (tawadu') in their critics..they must acknowledge that their suggestion is neither perfect nor free from any unforeseen mistakes..
i would typically and seriously consider criticisms iff they have the mentioned characteristics..otherwise, i'll "bakulsampahkan" the criticisms..and of course, i don't mind as well for people to ignore my critics if i fail to satisfy the respective conditions..

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