Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Living in Complacence

i've probably read "Malay Dilemma," written by Mahathir, about few years ago..but, i was, and am still largely influenced by his writings..thus, my only concern is on how to take the Malays out of their inherited plights..

tho we've been telling for many times that we are weak, and thus incapable of doing good things, as a Malay, we should denounce that notion..we should firmly stand to reject the idea of we, the Malays, cannot survive w/o the helps of government..thus, we should ask ourselves, what does really make us inferior as compared to other races? Jews, for example! logically, after the Holocaust, no one could ever imagine that they could once more rise up to the level they are today...Japanese also could be a great example for us to imitate..but, the typical sentiment in Malaysia, largely among the Malays, is that Jews are bad! why we always have to look from dark sides first? i don't understand! sepatutnya, we should learn from them!

but, before we could further discuss, we should ask ourselves one basic question: "what actually hampers us to progress?" if for me, the answer is simple..we are too content living in our complacent zone! in fact, in Malaysia, we are so blessed with too much, i think, privileges, of which sometimes i do think they are unnecessary..well, for example, simply by being a Malay, you will be granted a place in civil sector, regardless of how bad ur university grade is..and then, we complaint that our public sector is inefficient..ya lah, we already fail since the recruiting phase lagi! how could you expect it to become better as time passes by?

again, the overseas scholarship should be reviewed in very scrutinized ways..of course, the gov doesn't want to waste billions of dollars just to produce ordinary students..the expectation then should be higher..if i were the head of the government, i won't make it mandatory for the overseas bounded students to work in public sector..indeed, i would help them to build their own enterprises..thus, this might help reducing numbers of employment in malaysia..well, since i was nobody, this idea remains here, i guess! ;)

some might feel annoyed with this article..i might be labeled with many negative words! but folks, we should call a spade a spade! and as Joseph E. Stiglitz mentioned in his book, "Freefall," the great 2008 recession has begun years earlier when the Bush administration denied the possibility of bad economy in US...consequently, we have seen millions of people, not only in US, were out of jobs during the recession! hence, i wish we won't do the same mistake as Bush and his gangs did..janganlah, bila masalah umat melayu ini semakin sulit, barulah kita mula berbicara/bermuhasabah..at that time, i could say it's too late..when the damage is done, nothing could make it better! 

*Joseph E. Stiglitz is the winner of Nobel Prize in Economics!

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  1. I agree. i think its such a waste that these overseas student is bonded with the govt (prob end up doing admin work), when they should be out there exploring other possibilities...
    we can start from our generation when become parents, to educate our children not to fully rely on govt benefits. :)


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