Saturday, November 20, 2010

MN 10'

Malaysia Night (MN) 10' was over..and i suppose, i'm leaving this school with the greatest MN so far in history..for me, it's not about showing great performances to audience, but the messages laid behind it..and, a friend of mine, who showed up last night, was surprised with the way the night was planned..and for this, i should give credit to all 4 co-PDs and their support teams..good job, guys!

but, i guess, this was a bit new for Malaysian students in Stevens to have a big Malaysians community over here..and of course, as a large community is concerned, there should be a lots of dissent between one group with another..thus, i've seen MN as a big opportunity to keep all together, working as a big group..i really wish that the community can emerge as one strong team, with people, regardless of their beliefs or upbringings will remain unite..unity doesn't mean that we have to agree w/ one opinion, and hence to suppress our own from being's the tolerance, and consideration that do matter..

yet, typically, the after-MN-effect is what really concerning me the most..looking backwards, the record showed that people were getting closer to each others after MN..and, i wish this could once again occur for this time..again, as i mentioned above, the success of MN is not merely measured on how good performances we could deliver to the audience, yet there are the LESSONS that we learned..and, to all Malaysians community here, i wish all the best..since seniors are leaving soon (in less than 5 months), we really want to see Malaysians over here to be very successful and respected..and, as a matter of fact, MN would be my last active involvement, as i suppose all seniors would do, since i should more concentrate in my Senior Project, of which doesn't look good so far..argh, time runs so fast! ;)

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