Friday, November 5, 2010

Morning Jog & Developed Nation!

aper kaitan morning jog & developed nation?? 

my morning jog:
pg td terdetik nk jog..check weather dkt luar, it was a bit daunting for me, with low temp  around 10C and it was slightly i decided to keep the plan on since my mind was very determined..well, quoting from one aunty i met here, " everything begins in your mind!" 

so, with harsh weather outside, i didn't expect to see many joggers outside..but, surprisingly, my expectation was way far to be true..indeed, i saw many of them were senior citizens, of which most of them were 20-25 years older than of course, 1/3 of them were female.. a matter of fact, i jogged around a park, which is facing the NYC skylines..and of course, this was so awesome..thus, while keeping my feet running, my mind was wondering fact, i was wondering, why does make this nation great?? the skyscrapers?? the people??

developed nation:
there was a debate so to argue either Malacca is now a developed state or not? to know more, check the following, and you can determine by yourself:

if you ask me, i would disagree with many elements considered by OECD so to evaluate one country's progress.. but, among all, i do agree with this one key indicator: high life expectancy..and for me, there is one way for us to achieve this standard, which is by having healthy lifestyle..

i guess, now there would be clear enough for us to see the relationship between morning jog (read as healthy lifestyle), to developed nation (read as high life expectancy)

i'm a bit disappointed when the government doesn't emphasize it on the latest 2011 budget..i think they might be so obsessed to develop first world infrastructure (which is also important so to attract investors), while ignoring the fact that the people development is much more are some my suggestions that might help our people having healthy lifestyle:

1) the recreational park must be equipped with good fitness equipments..or at least, it must have regular maintenance.. (we need some money here from the gov)
2) organic foods should be subsidized, while, at the same time, tax for fast food restaurants must be increased..
3) cigarette price should be increased
4) to allocate the gov. agencies with sufficient funds so for them to carry out outdoor activities (i know, right now, we have like aerobics every week..and i think, this is a good start)
5) should be more inter-agency sport tournaments..
6) the school canteen should be regularly supervised and monitored by health department so to control the food quality
7) service-work is mandatory to all employees..
 8) and the list goes on...

p/s: all the ideas are free to be criticized..but, only the constructive criticism will be responded! ;)


  1. developed nation doesn't depends on the government themselves, but it's all about the people. If government provide such an exclusive jog park to the people, but, if the people themselves keep making fun of other people whom jog around in the morning, what else we can do?

    first of all,

    change our mentality. developed country also developed their mentality. they focus on healthy food, healthy lifestyle, healthy politics, and healthy thinking style.

    they doesn't badmouth to other people.

    just my opinion.


  2. good point..but,changing mentality is a long due requires step by step..when i say the gov should play its role here, it implies of the very early stage of changing process..people needs incentive or motivation to change..


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