Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blackberry vs iPhone3G

Right now, i'm using a Blackberry Bold far, everything seems so good...the only thing that causes me trouble is the fact that i haven't unlocked the phone yet...since, i have the AT&T data plan, unlocking this phone is not really necessary at this time being..

..and i'm really satisfied with this phone..there is no lagging unlike my previous HTC smartphone..for those who are interested to get a new blackberry with considerably low price, please let me know..who knows i could get a better deal for you guys..the following table compares the blackberry bold 9000 and the iphone 3G..the comparisons are mainly based on the features and systems embedded in both phones..

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  1. i'm extremely interested with iphone 3g s...could you give me the price range of that phone??


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