Saturday, October 30, 2010

Letaklah Sesuatu Pada Tempatnya:

..maybe, because of the demand of present world, everybody is trying to be well rounded..a doctor, for example, might not be satisfied just by acquiring medical knowledge..engineers try to outsmart the real economists when they talk about economy..academicians (this is the worst case) on the other hand prefer to prove their intellectual in all possible areas (politics, economy, education, etc)..but, the question remains the same: is it possible for one to be good in everything especially in just one time? 

before, we go further, let's define the real meaning of being all-rounded person..i was told by many that, to be well-rounded is very easy: you should have very strong knowledge in your particular niche, and merely general understanding of other areas..if this is what we mean by being WELL-rounded, then, i should suggest to substitute/replace the word WELL with other word which has similar meaning to "cincai" in, in a nutshell, there is no such well-rounded person existed in this world..

okay, let's assume that we accept the definition mentioned above..also, we acknowledge the fact that it is implausible for one to be very good in all areas in once..only then (if you agree with me), we could further discuss our main topic: "to put something in its actual place" (this is the basic concept of fairness in Islam)..

but, looking to current situation, of which everyone is trying to outsmart others, i have come up with this one simple question?

"should we consider the opinions of one person, tho (s)he is not the expert of that particular area?"

so, to make this discussion even simpler, let's consider these few examples:

1) when the academicians try to outsmart the politician while talking the problems of the people:

more often than never, academicians will try to picture themselves as the smartest creation in this world (i'm not referring to all..i believe that many are still tawaduk with the knowledge they have)..but, i just feel awkward when academicians are trying to elaborate the problems of the people as is they know better than the politicians..but, don't get me wrong..i'm not saying that politicians are smart..indeed, most of them are just bangang...yet, this kebangangan doesn't invalidate my arguments that academicians have no right, and hence aren't fit, to talk about the problems of the people..but why? let me ask you, how many academicians are really going to the ground and communicating with people?? out of their 24 hrs, how many hours that they spend out of their study table?? you cannot simply back up your argument by inserting some theories from  your prior readings..that just doesn't make sense to, the best person (tho still got many things to improve) to talk about people's concerns is nothing but the politicians..

2) when politician try to make education-related-policy:

this is really making me uneasy..why should we let these politicians to decide the fate of our education..they don't fit the job at all..the power should be passed to the experts, which is academician..that's why, i believe that educational agenda shouldn't be's the most important aspect that defines the success of a country..give back the power to academician..let them decide what's the best method to educate our kids..hence, the minister of education should be selected among the academician, and not by appointing any dumb politicians..

3) when engineer talk about economy, and try to be as the best known person in economy:
4) and, the list goes on..

but, while discussing this topic, i should make myself very clear..i'm not saying that we should not participate in any discussions of topics other than our niche areas..yet, i'm telling that we should know our limits when talking about things that we, ourselves, are not familiar with..don't say things that you don't really know..i think this is the best way to  make any discussions, when involved various people, more objective when we know our roles..don't take others' roles..knowledge is very powerful..but. don't use it as a tool to bring disaster to the people..indeed, the knowledgeable persons are very humble with their wisdoms..remember, Allah is the only one that has the highest knowledge possible..other than Him are very limited! ;)

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  1. Hai,

    This is really a great entree. Nice one dude. But in my opinion, a the term "well rounded person' doesn't really associated with the description of the person that you mentioned above. Coz if I'm not mistaken, usually a 'well-rounded person' is the one who is good in academic, good in his soft skills, good leadership, nice one, handsome, gagah,kaya ok itu dah exagerrate but the basically they who are built well. Not the one who is good in all area because just like what u said earlier,human knowledge are limited.

    Sorry if I'm wrong. It's just an opinion.

    -Adibah Daae


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