Monday, January 3, 2011

11th Anniversary Dragons

some of Dragons' buddies i met during the last Summer

Praise be to Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful. it has been 11 years since i first met with all my high school buddies..though the memory was a bit blurry to me, i'm pretty sure i was very nervous on the same day about 11 years lah, it was my first day in boarding school..well, i can't really remember either i was crying on that day or not..but, i was very upset to be far away from my family..

but, today on Jan 4, 2010 (m'sian time), i'm so grateful for the decision that i have made more than a decade ago..if i were to decide not to leave my kampung so to study in SAKTI (stands for Sains Kota Tinggi), i might not be what i'm today..maybe, my chance to study abroad will never existed..but, special thanks to my family, my primary and high school teachers for putting trust on me while i barely had one..and of course, my millions thank is to all my high school buddies, of whom i might be either very close to or merely a bit close to..i believe without you guys, i'm guys had made my 5 years in high school to be my best time ever, in which i would treasure for the rest of my life..

recollecting all the memories back then, i was still remembering how difficult life was when i was in form one..bullying was very common at that time..but, it's getting better and better..but i guess, it was those moments that i do remember a's not that i wanna encourage bullying in hostel..but, those moments would be our all-time favorite topics whenever we're meeting again after school - it's not we keep our grudge towards those people, instead we typically burst into laugher to remember how stupid and timid we were back then..

now, everybody in our batch has his/her own path..even, some have already graduated from college, and thus have secured good jobs..while majority, like me, are still in college, burning midnight oil in order to pass our semester exams..but, while i was in m'sia back then, i was so glad to have a chance to reconcile with most of my old mates..tho it has been quite a while since my last meeting with them, i didn't feel any strange..instead, i was having great time together..we updated ourselves with the stories of one another..haha, how memorable the moments were..

so, to all my Dragons buddies, i wish happy 11th anniversary..i wish our friendship will remain strong, and thus last forever..may Allah guides us to His path so that we could be successful not only in this dunya but also in the Hereafter..all the best! ;)

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