Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Asset or Liability?

being a homo sapiens, who is granted with both akal and nafs (will/desire), is pretty unique for we can choose to be either asset or liability to our societies..there's simply nothing in between..but, how to know of which side we belong to? 

first of the foremost, you need to ask yourself this one simple question: "could my society does better w/o me?" if the answer was no, you could be pretty sure that you do mean something to your society? if the answer was otherwise, you should go to the next question, "do i cause any harm to my society?" if the answer was YES, you are really in trouble..but, if the answer was NO, you should go back to the first's as simple as that - going back and forth, till you finally find the right answer..

secondly, you might know either you're useful or not simply through the amount of responsibilities people bestowed upon you - the more, the better..if you were not given any tasks, something might be wrong since people do not trust you or in a bright side, people might not yet see your real, instead of further keeping yourself aside, you should go to your people and tell them about your unseen potential..don't be shy or afraid - volunteering for responsibilities has nothing to do with gila, those who think that way are very narrow-minded, and usually they, themselves, have nothing to offer..

thirdly, you could simply go around, and ask your closed friends..well, sometimes, this method might be more efficient than the previous two..yet, this might depend on how serious and frank your friends are in giving you the feedbacks..but, based on our people, who rather to shut their mouth up than to tell their friends the real truth, i bet this method to be the least might give it a try, but don't expect much from it..

so guys, if you notice that you have nothing to offer (zero contribution = liability), don't get very upset since you're not alone..there're millions of people out there, who are being the burdens to their society..yet, the difference between you and them is that you do realize that you're the liability..hence, try to go deep into yourself, and i'm pretty sure, you might find something beneficial to be offered to your people, in which you might not be aware yet..remember, you can choose to be an ASSET or a LIABILITY..but, i can guarantee you that the former is always preferred by many..

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