Monday, January 17, 2011


i was told, by a friend of mine, not to be obsessed finding wisdom from western scholars as Islam has provided complete guidelines for us to succeed both in this dunya and the Hereafter..instead of being offended by that, i took the advice from the positive side..but, being me, i never settled for one argument unless i found a very solid evidence to support such claim..

tho i took no effort to challenge his argument at that time, i have never stopped questioning the validity of his reason is simple: all knowledge is coming from one source - Allah, the, as long as the knowledge is good, i find no reason to reject it..yet, as a Muslim, it's not proper to answer questions solely based on our logics..we, instead, are told to learn from Koran and the Sunnah..and Praise be to Allah, i found one Hadith in regards to this issue;

The Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h said, "Wisdom is the lost item of the believer - whenever he finds it, he takes it."

In fact, even our Prophet Muhammad did so (learning from others). He said, "i was about to forbid you from having intercourse with your wives while they are breastfeeding children, but i saw that the Romans and Persians did that and it didn't harm their children." [reported by, al-Bukhari]

thus, i believe the wisdom could be find at anywhere at anytime..yet, as a Muslim, the Koran and the Sunnah are our ultimate guidelines..anything, which is contradicting with the teaching of both sources, is therefore considered wrong - that's for sure..otherwise, everything is permissible! see, how beautiful Islam is!

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