Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolution

hey, happy new year all! tho some might argue that this's not the actual new year for Muslims, i still believe it's not wrong to celebrate..why? as far as i'm concerned, new year is not even a religious, in Islam, everything (non-religious) is HALAL, unless it's clearly told to be HARAM in Koran or Sunnah..hence, i don't see any reasons to argue on this topic..i might be wrong tho! but, that's what i believe so far!

again, as is a tradition, everyone will throw his/her new year's resolutions..and, for me, this is a good thing..if someone choose to become a better person on this date, why should we discourage him/her to do so? instead, we should support doesn't matter if he/she manages to keep his resolutions or not! this world has enough pessimistic guys, whom do not value innovations and positive, please don't include yourself to be one of those guys! 

lastly, i hope 2011 would be another great year of i strolled around the times sq as to wait for the new year's countdown, i saw some volunteers distributing brochure about Islam, and its title is "Muslim for Peace!" i guess this is a good sign to tell people that Islam has never promoted extreme/, to those who claim to be Muslim, please act accordingly..we should be nice to non-muslims so that this sort of Islamophobia can be resolved a.s.a.p! 

Spread the LOVE, not the HATRED!

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