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The Chronicle of Hang Tuah: Revisited

of my past life:
saya dibesarkan dengan gambaran bahawa Hang Tuah adalah seorang hero, dan seterusnya wajar ditauladani..Hang Jebat pula dilabel sebagai pengkhianat, dan pembelot kepada Tuanku Sultan Melaka ketika itu..

of summer 2010:
saya mengambil keputusan untuk pulang ke Malaysia, walaupun cuti hanya selama 3 minggu...mungkin rasa kangan kepada keluarga melupakan seketika kepada faktor wang tambang yang agak mahal..alhamdulillah, keputusan untuk pulang agak tepat kerana ditakdiran ibu saudara yang dikasihi dihingapi penyakit kritikal ketika saya, thank God, i managed to stay by her side in the hospital almost a, now, she's getting better and better..

mungkin kerana terlalu lama berada dalam keadaan dormant, saya meronta2 kebosanan di rumah..bukan bosan melihat wajah kedua ibu bapa tercinta, namun minda terasa semakin berkarat..maka, saya pun menggeledah rak buku lama, tinggalan arwah atuk..akhirnya terjumpa kepada sebuah buku usang mengenai Hang Tuah vs Hang Jebat..(okay, i forgot the actual title of the book)..buku ini dikarang oleh seorang penulis melayu masyhur, di mana gaya bahasanya begitu klassik..lebih menarik lagi buku ini diolah2 dalam bentuk penceritaan dan dialog..jadi, situasi yang kononnya berlaku diantara Hang Jebat dan Hang Tuah menjadi lebih jelas

so, as i was reading the book, i always kept in my mind that Hang Jebat was a traitor (at least, it was what my teachers told me), i was a bit prejudice..yet, as i was following the story, something popped up in my mind - for what reasons Hang Jebat is a traitor? because of the revenge he took for the sake of his brother, Hang Tuah? for showing the Sultan that the decision to punish Hang Tuah was wrong? to fight so that the true justice would prevail? and the list goes on..i cannot find any other reasons, except Hang Jebat threw away the Sultan from the throne, and therefore, took in charge of Malacca's Palace..was it considered wrong to fight against the unjust Sultan?

of Winter 2010/2011
to be true, i never continued to find the answers for all questions that popped up in my mind while reading the book in last Summer..well, why should i care enough since the truth/credibility of the chronicles of Hang Tuah is still under dispute? some claimed to find Hang Tuah's grave somewhere in Jawa, and others denied the findings, and etc..

but, as i recently bumped to some related posts of the importance of revisiting this chronicle, i found these questions are worth to ponder..why? of course, we don't want to give the wrong message to our kids..early educations is extremely important, and thus should be done accordingly and properly..if we don't really rethink of this story, we might convey a distorted message to kids so to follow blindly of those in power, even though these people are doing wrong..or the worse, we might have kids, with fanatic mindset! 

yet, if this chronicle was merely a story-telling, who were then responsible to spread this propaganda? why Hang Jebah should be portrayed as a traitor, rather than a justice fighter? i think the real traitor was the one who told the Sultan the lie about Hang Tuah! 

again, in Islam, we are told to obey our Ruler, as long he's doing good to people..if he was not, we are free from any burden to follow his, this concept should be made crystal clear so that we are not misleading our younger generations..

of my disclaimer:
i might be wrong on this topic since my knowledge on our history is very limited..hence, i'm open to any criticism in regards to this particular topic! ;)


  1. why did you think that jebat was wrong? your teacher said that?

    i've heard and read this story before since my grandmom had one kind of the book that you mentioned, even she's a great story teller. I even watched the movie filmed by p ramlee and i think most of the people thought and knew that jebat wasn't a traitor.

    In this story, it is sooo obvious that Sultan Mahmud (if i'm not mistaken) wasn't a good leader at that time. I'm sorry I just couldn't remember the reason why he asked people to kill Tuah. I'm not sure if the sultan that involves here was Sultan Mahmud, the last sultan of malacca. If he was the one, we should remember that among the malacca sultans, he was the 'least good'. even he was the sultan at the time when malacca fell into Portuguese. too many internal problems that happened until malacca became so weak. just in conclusion, he's one of the culprit (selain dari sultan kedah tu)

    About the one who told sultan the lie about tuah, it might be true though. untuk sebuah empayar yang kuat macam melaka, of course lah ada pihak yang akan cari jalan untuk rampas empayar dengan melemahkan, which is dengan melupuskan kekuatan. wah memang berkesan..

    raja adil raja disembah, raja zalim raja disanggah

    (idk if u understand me)
    -orang laut

  2. to orang laut,

    i do understand u very well..maybe, we bumped into different versions of the story..tho, i'm glad u've heard the other version, the better one! yet, as of this difference, we need to make such common knowledge that neither Jebat or Tuah is bad, but the "penghasut.." so, no one would be confused, right?

    but, please pay attention to this line, "we are free from any burden to follow his commands" - this doesn't mean we've to launch attack against the bad Ruler as long as he doesn't ask the people to relate Allah with other objects (the sin of shirik)..but, as i said, disobey could mean we don't follow his commands by doing nothing..this should be clear enough..

    "untuk sebuah empayar yang kuat macam melaka, of course lah ada pihak yang akan cari jalan untuk rampas empayar dengan melemahkan" - glad u know be mindful of those talam dua muka!

    hope, i make myself clear..anyway, thanks for the comment..such a good input tho! ;)


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