Wednesday, January 12, 2011


my trip to the west coast so far is considerably good; i have been traveling to las vegas, san francisco, and now i'm staying in los angeles for a few days before going further south to san diego, and probably spending the last day in tijuana (border of mexico)..and the best part is that all of these places are further apart from one another..therefore, my friends and i spent most of our time in car/bus..and there were during these moments, i did self-reflection..ironically, as i was going deeper to know about myself, i found myself to be closer to God..i feel more grateful for what i'm today, and of course, i can make more sense about my upcoming future..and Praise be to Allah, currently i feel sooo good about myself - a feeling, in which i've never felt, i do realize, most of my past times i have been getting busy (with school & games) till i forgot to find a moment for myself! but, thank God, i finally did! and now, instead of being so discouraging as a new semester is kicking off, i feel so excited..but, at the mean time, i wanna enjoy the rest of my holidays with my buddies.. ;)

p/s: it has been sometime since i update this blog; hence, please pardon for my poor writing as my brain is getting rusty during this break! 


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