Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Conflict of Interest

- i want to have profound knowledge in my major study - Electrical Engineering (to be specific, in communications area)

- i also want to equip myself w/ necessary skills of being great Entrepreneur

yet, these desires conflict one be excellent engineer, i need to spend a lot of time, doing research, being that it's personal or collaborative..i must be ready to lock myself in a lab, doing relevant experiments so to have better understanding of one particular topic..or even worse, i need to do lots of thought experiments, which require me to have my own time alone (if u have ever done thought experiment, u will notice how weird u are to do it in public, with ur hands waving around, ur eyes staring at one person, tho sometimes u don't even notice the person's existence, and etc)

but, in different note, i also want to be good in business..these skills are not acquired solely through personal reading or research..i need to go out, meeting with people, and to start having discussion with them..i need to be extrovert so to understand as much as possible about people's behaviors..well, we're selling products to people, aren't we? so, we need to understand their current demands, and lifestyles..and this also requires a lot of least, to really have a good conversation, we need around 2 or 3 hours..that doesn't include the travel time required to meet at one particular place..

so, my initial plan is to become a great engineer first, and only then i spend my time aggressively in business..well, i know it's an immature plan..the business rule is simple - the earlier you involve in business, the richer you might be..yet, i've spoken with a friend, whose i admire for his entrepreneurial attitudes and skills (u need both to excel)..he advised me to do these two things at one time..well, he advised me based on his experiences - he's now making rm30k/month, at such early age..but, don't get excited yet..the bad side of being this guy, he's super duper far as i'm concerned, he's still single! wow, that's the price you have to pay, right? but, as of now, i'm not very sure of which choices is better..i need to talk with a lot of people, especially my families, since they are the only reason i work so hard..i want them to be proud of me, and i want to prove them that they have been good parents by showing them how successful i am..and the consideration factors are going on - my social life, health (am i fit enough to run two major things at one time),what is my motivation, and etc..

but, insha Allah, i'm pretty sure, as far as i'm very interested to find the answer for this problematic dilemma, i would eventually find the answer..i always trust in God, and because of Him, i have no fear to chase my dream..i know, all of us are created/born with certain special characteristics, which are yet to be discovered..

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  1. description 'about me' tu agak gay jugak..


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