Saturday, February 27, 2010

All The Best, My Dear Friend!

maybe I was being such a jerk friend to you..maybe, i never showed you how much i did appreciate you as a friend of mine...maybe i never told you how needy i was to have you in my contact list....maybe i was not brave enough to let you know my real feeling...maybe i was not smart enough to create superb jokes (not the stupid one) as to tickle you during your hard times...maybe i had to tell you lies as to not hurt you...but, there was one thing i forgot to tell you; I always pray for you so that whatever your dreams are, they would come to you sooner or later...and i guess, that's the only good thing that I had done to you...and I was proud to know that I did it..anyway, all the best my friend! be strong as you always promised me! :)

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