Thursday, February 25, 2010

It was hard, but I did it!

I have to admit that it was pretty hard, but I did it! i know it was damn sad to lost your friend for such your stupidity, but, i guess, it's even worse to deceive him/her for your whole life..and I learnt one important lesson from this incident; don't ever lie to any of your friends..if you really have to, please do it in a very smart, it's more likely you're gonna lost him/her... (lie here means other than "white lies." hahaha) the way, human is very complicated to understand..every thing should be justified so that people won't blame you for any mistakes you do..hell yeah, i'm very sick of living in this judgmental society..why people are not allowed to do whatever they like? why people should have certain moral standards as to be accepted in any society? why should one meet someone else's expectations? ...and the questions go on..and the worse part is, the more i think about all of these questions, the more complicated they would, my conclusion is that, i don't care anymore w/ what people might think about me..i'd only do things that i really like...i don't care no more as long as I don't cross the line fixed by ISLAM..and Dear God, please guide me to the right path! Amin..

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