Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Updates!

1. Carefree!

I need to be carefree, meaning that I should free myself from thinking anything unrelated to me and my family..yes, the keyword is to be a self-centered, or a selfish person..and only then, i could have a very good sleep...

2. Live my Present!

..and I want to be like other teenagers, who just enjoy their present lives, without ever worrying about their futures...this is very crucial for me since i don't really know on how to enjoy my teenage life! should i seek help from those my "happy-go-lucky" friends? or should i define the word "enjoy" by myself?

3. My Passion!

..and i got a very big trouble...i just can't do one thing in a long period..the longest i could go is not more than a month..and after that, i would feel terribly, up till now, i don't have anything that i'm really into it...

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