Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Dreams!

i'm always dreaming to be "somebody" when I turn into 30..."somebody" here refers to:

1) i want to be "somebody" who has his own house when he is 30..personally, i prefer to have a small, yet luxurious house..i guess, a unit of condo would suit me the best..

2) i want to own a mini cooper (yellow would be my favorite one!)..again, i don't really like a big car..not energy-efficient..

3) i want to hold a full-time engineer position in any multinational companies..i don't mind working outside Malaysia as long as it could help me improving my skills..and of course, i want to publish my own papers..

4) i want this title..IR Mohamad Shahrir won't be complete unless i have this title...otherwise, the 4 years i spent learning engineering stuffs would be meaningless to me..

5) i want to perform my pilgrimage to Mecca with my mom and dad..

6) i want to have my very own nephews and nieces...(okay, this is depending on my sisters..hopefully, they would get married soon)

7) i want to be "somebody" who travels a of my "must-visit" places is Japan..i'm always amazed with the way Japan people live their lives...they are very committed with their, these people are "creative imitators!"

8) i want to have my own business, regardless of any...this business would be my side income..

9) i want to have all game consoles available at that time..

10) i want to be a healthy person tho i'm no longer young by that time...hopefully, there would be no serious illness that could hinder me from enjoying my life...

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