Monday, February 8, 2010


1. My Aunt's Engagement!

In less than a week, my aunt will be engaged! It's kinda sad to think that I won't be there on her very big day. She is very special to me, and honestly, I really love her to the bits! Well, Mak Jai, I will always pray for your happiness. may you have a good life, together with Uncle Lah...

2. My New Smartphone

Finally, I bought myself a new smartphone. Well, it is not a brand new! but, who cares? Now, I'm thinking to get myself my second present! am still undecided..if i were to buy a new HDTV, i have to discuss with my roommate first since my new house is small..well, to be frank, my current roommate is not a partaay man! well, what would you expect from a guy, who takes 24 credit hours this semester..haha..he's really crazy, but really a nice guy! he's the one who wakes me up for morning class!

3. Snowy day!

Tomorrow will be, get prepared to walk on slippery road! and, do not forget for a snowball fight! :)

4. Wireless Course!

I'm really into this it very much! indeed, i'm so amazed on how complicated man could be in developing this wireless system..the growth is very rapid! well done, researchers!

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