Saturday, February 27, 2010

It has been awhile!

It has been awhile since i let myself listening to any religious lectures..I was too busy w/ my studies till i forgot the fact that i'm also a Muslim..but, today, ALLAH gives me another chance to get closer to Him..and I really hope I could be a better servant to Him..and I would like to thank my friend who invited me to join this PIES lecture..the speaker was bro Fazrul..

What I have learnt during this one-hour lecture are:
  • Our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is an excellent example for us..He has gone through so many hardships and tests, yet he still stayed strong for his people.
  • We, sometimes, forget the fact that we are actually Muslims..Our words sometimes are not true with our intentions..we like to create lies..
  • The importance of qiammulail (stay awake during the two third of night as to serve ALLAH)
  • The closer we are to ALLAH, the stronger we would be..
  • The importance to talk our problems to ALLAH..He is the most powerful and merciful...

*wow, i'm so refreshing...thanks God!

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