Wednesday, September 8, 2010


jet-lag (tiredness):

okay, i need at least a week to recover from this mental problem...i sleep on the day, and stay up till the late night! i know, there's a way to avoid it..but, i cannot help myself from sleeping for the whole flight (some believe that as to fix our biological clock, we should sleep based on our destination's local time)..honestly, i didn't like sleeping all the way long, but i have to! if not, my stomach will be killing me! it's that hurt, and thus, i had to take some sleeping pills..and according to a physician, i met in M'sia, i might be having a sort of psychological trauma whenever i am on flight! uh, it doesn't make sense to me tho! i am, and will never be afraid of height! but, i did ask him to get me some sleeping pills, and as a result, i slept almost the whole 19 hrs (just woke up for foods)..

things i'm missing:

  • berbuka and bersahur with my parents..the meals are so-so, but the situation is awesome..
  • berjemaah for every prayers at my local mosque, of which i met w/ many random people..and sometime, i did engage w/ a very strange discussion w/ them..and the best part, i was the youngest one!
  • to tease my little was funny to see these two little kids sulking..and sometimes, it took me like 'forever' to put smiles back on their faces! oh yeah, i do miss them badly!
  • there was a special 'kebab' sold near to my house! the taste was not very unique, but i just like it..
  • to help my mother in the kitchen! well, it's more to create chaos rather than helping actually! but, it was the best time, in which we, me and my sisters, told my mom every little things of our lives
  • to give my father a very good massage! well, it was during that time, i was seeing myself in 20-30 years ahead! well, with here and there aches! yes, time does fly really fast
  • and of course, to 'berterawikh' in the mosque..tho i just made eight times (that's the maximum, haha), but the feeling was very different..i cannot describe that in words! but, it was totally and definitely AWESOME!

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