Thursday, September 30, 2010

Connecting the Dots..

well, memandangkan baru selesai menulis 2 papers (business, and wireless), mood menulis masih menghantui jari-jemari dan, untuk menghilangkan "hantu" ini, i'll write something today..

Fri, (09/24/10)
i attended a free talk, organized by al-Maghrib was held at a nearby college, called NJIT..well, the highlights of the talks were as followed:

  • we should stop the name-calling..fundamentalist, liberal, or etc, means nothing, but just to add confusion among the people..the content is much more important than the labels itself.
  • strive for the's very rare too see Muslim scholars to speak on this issue..most of them talk much on the ibadah, and etc (lame)..

Sat (09/25/10)
my other fellow Malaysians and i attended Eid celebration, in the presence of YAB Prime Minister at Malaysian Consulate, NY. I have indeed a good time talking with a Singaporean lady, whom by a chance sitting next to me..the highlights of our talks was:

  • Malaysia is so rich with natural resources..but, why you guys cannot really compete with us? a question, which i cannot answer..but, i got her point..everything begins with the attitude..please compare the attitude of Singaporean guys, and our guys..see any differences? if you do, you probably know the answer.

then, i got to listen to the PM's speech..i noticed some were not even bothering..but, i did listen attentively..and the most important message conveyed was:

  • the government is committed to transform Malaysia, both socially and economically..good job, Datuk Seri! 

Sun (09/26/10)
meeting with JPA officers from Washington DC..they updated us with new updated policies, such as NO OPT, and etc..but, i managed to grab one important advice from Pn. Ruziah:

  • whatever you're doing, do it sincerely (the question of attitude, again?) 
Tues (09/28/10)
me, and my other four friends were given an opportunity to involve in a meeting between Stevens top managements and MOHE Secretary General & his delegations. it was about 1 and 1/2 hrs meeting..and then, later at night, we had dinner together. After the dinner, i voiced out my concern about the new policy, that preventing students from doing OPT, adopted by certain sponsor..the KSU agreed with me, and the highlight of his advice to me was:
  • to always be a risk taker as to be real success!

of all the events that i managed to attend, there is one point in common:

in order to succeed, one must be brave enough to get out from his/her comfort zones, and live up to his/her own expectations..everything is's just a matter of attitude..

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