Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy BestDay, Malaysians !

hi guys,

it's been awhile since i post anything..tbh, i've lost my interest in writing, lately! maybe, i'm still in the "Eid" mode (asyik makan kuih, kerepek, and etc)..anyway, recently i found this link from a friend of mine..(click on the following link to watch)

well, i do agree w/ him to the fact that there's no such a "perfect" soul-mate, created for each of us, existed in this real world..he might argue that from a philosophical point of view, of which i, as an engineer-to-be, feel a bit, let's analyze it in a more mathematical way!

ok, let say there was a perfect soul created by God just for you..this one person was so special in a way that, even just by one glance, you would easily fall in love with him/her..but, here's the fact!

the probability of finding this one person is very unlikely..however, for some, regardless of how improbable one event would be, they still believe it to happen..if you're one of them, i cannot do anything to convince you that this such "perfect soul-mate" doesn't exist at, for those, who aren't, here is my simple argument:

let's say there are 100 people, whom characteristics fit you the best! whenever you see these people, you would smile..your heart is beating faster than can just feel these people are the one created for you, (and some other overrated & overreacted emotional feelings described by those who are in love!) but, to find these 100 people are almost implausible! 

P(success) = 100/4.3billion 

(u can do the math to know of how small the number is)

*so, for me, for a thing like this to happen, it requires more than just a needs sort of divine intervention..otherwise, let's just forget to find/get one since the maths has proven that it just won't happen in any way! 

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