Tuesday, September 7, 2010

5hrs Visit to Seoul

i've never amazed w/ any culture before..it's kind of sensible since i was born & am currently living in an era, in which culture is less appreciated..but, since my first visit to South Korea, which was 3 weeks ago, i was highly amazed w/ their great and tremendous cultures...yet, during my first visit, i just had enough time to visit a temple, of which i learned a lot about Buddhism: from their ritual activities to their symbolic religious representations..

but, today i managed to get myself into 5 hrs trip to Seoul (i was lucky enough since i was the last person allowed to register for the trip)..i went to Gyeongbook Palace, Indasang Cultural Market, and a place so-called 'town-to-town gate.' but, i spent most of the time in Gyeongbook Palace..as far as i was told, any Kings during the 'dynasty periods' were highly revered by the people as they did believe that the Kings were the representatives from Heavens..so, the Kings' orders were assumed to be the orders from Heavens.. (from Islamic perspective, each of us is Khalifah [representative], and thus is entitled to enjoin goods and to discourage evil deeds)..furthermore, any Kings, determined by his own influence, were allowed to have more than one Queen [the practice of polygamy], and thus, the King and His Queen(s) were living separately (in different Resident Palace) as for the King to be fair to all of his Queens (two of my trip-mates, both are girls from Chicago, were so irritated to know this fact since both, i believe, are hard-core monogamous advocate..seriously, it was really funny to see their reactions)

and then, we went to Indasang cultural market, in which i bought myself a handmade painting..the actual price was 20000won (about 20usd), but after doing some bargain (taught by our tour guide), i managed to get it only by 18000won..i was so proud with my persuasive skill (lol) since i got 10% off (our tour guide told us that the lowest discount we could have is normally 5%)..anyway, the painting was so significant to me, in which i reserve to make any comments here..

oh yeah, actually our first stop was a place so-called 'town-to-town gate!'  but, it was just a short stop, only for photo-taking..well, it was nothing much, except a man-made river of length 6km..and also, a great 'spring' sculpture, in which i am yet, till now, to understand the important of its existence! lol

before we headed back to the airport, we stopped in a Korean traditional restaurant, in which i bought a kind of Korean traditional vegetarian meal..okay, honestly, i didn't like it..it just didn't fit my taste.. 

below are some photos i managed to take..enjoy! ;)

Gyeongbook Palace:

King's Throne Palace
King's Passage
Royal's Private Palace (for private party)

There should be 7 monkeys (see at the tip of the right roof),
but one broken due to severe storm recently
(# of monkeys will determine the significant of a building)

Indasang Cultural Market:

More like China Town in States. only, cleaner!
The Street View w/ shops on both sides!

The Handmade Painting that costs me 18000won,
but it is significant in meaning to me!

Town to Town Gate:

The man made river at the back! it runs 6km!

The Spring: blue & red as the main color!

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  1. i think rm50 for that painting is quite cheap wat? only around 15-20USD hehe


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