Monday, September 27, 2010

Wall Street

wall street? it was used to be my dream to be part of it..making million of dollars, just thru selling, and buying other words, i want to make easy bucks thru out my life.., i bought some books in regards to wall street..yet, the more i know bout it, the more scared i am..i don't know..and then, i got to know how these people can easily push one company up and down in just a split takes one a few decades to build up his(her) company..but, these greedy figures can ruin it in less a's really UNFAIR..

but, what really makes these people this cruel? it's not MONEY folks, it's the GREED! making millions of money is fine!..but, to own it by manipulating others is a big NOOOO! you create millions of dollars for yourself, while at the same time, you send thousands of workers out of jobs! well, i think i should settle down in business, rather than tainting myself w/ all these dirty plays..yes, i like to play the game! but, not the one that kills thousand of people!

*but, i'm still interested to know bout wall street: how they manipulate the market, and etc! 


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