Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tersentak! ;)

one of my friends told me how disgusted she was while reading some of my posts..

so,  i would like to take this opportunity to make my stand very clear, that it has never been my intention to compare US and Malaysia..i'm still a Malaysian, and i am always proud to be one! 

yet, given a little advantage of studying in one of most developed countries in today's world, i am always wishing to see Malaysia to be better..also, i am always longing to see Malaysians to have first-world mentality..and if i were to be labeled "lupa daratan" for the sake of this cause, i'd have no problems at all..indeed, i'm more than happy to fight for the better Malaysia..

but, i do accept all the criticisms..i know i have been sometimes too arrogant, and egoistic..and for that, i would like to apologize..and in conjunction of Ramadhan, let's change for the better! 

"Salam Ramadhan"

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