Saturday, September 18, 2010

My New Outlook!

so far, i've managed to attend various lectures and seminars, organized either by Stevens or other organizations.. and thus, it has been very awesome experiences for me since i got to know some new, there was one occasion, of which i met w/ a Jewish guy! yes, i really mean it! this guy took a year leave from his study just to learn Hebrew in Tel Aviv University (he's American born, by the way). well, i was used to very suspicious w/ Jewish people since i was told and taught that most of them aren't good people.but, while meeting with this guy, i found it to be the other way around..this guy was so good, and helpful..the idea that Jewish people are bad was something that my mind can't really understand..btw, i don't want to make any conclusion here since i just met and befriended w/ one Jew..there were like millions of them, whom i am yet to get along with..but, my point is, why should we ignite hatred towards these people? they are also human like us..yes, as a Muslim, i'm and will always be supporting the struggle to free the Palestinians..but, please don't make such bad stereotyping to the whole Jews..because, there were some of them who are very kind and concerned towards us..

p/s: you have to know one person, before you can have the rights to say anything about him/her..


  1. there are many types of jewish. and the bad type is the zionist. they who practice their religion in a right way is not as bad as we think.


  2. true enough, but the sentiment played by our local media on these people are way too seems like all of them are bad!that's not true either!

  3. i dont blame people for stereotyping so just happens and u cant avoid it..its like u meet a new people, and u start judging him by his personal outlooks..dats stereostyping fact, stereotyping is like a hypothesis..u believe its true until u find out something that makes ur stand wrong.

    from taicho loves korean girls..

  4. well, judging is very bad! who are we to judge people? we might be different in term of our practices, but i do believe that, all of us are wishing to go into paradise,, why bother so much on the differences? so, STOP judging people, and we can make this world better!

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