Monday, September 20, 2010


hai salam,

malam nie turn aku masak..seperti biasa, resipi yang mudah dan senang adalah ayam masak kicap..curah separuh botol kicap ke dalam periuk + beberapa ketul ayam = siap! simple, but delicious (okay, this is so overrated)

anyway, tue bukan cerita sebenar..saja nk digress..but, while i was cooking just now, something popped up in my mind..kenapa ramai sangat yang tentang DEB (Dasar Ekonomi Baru)? know more, just click on the following link:

okay, hujah penentang2 nie, adalah kerana DEB ini adalah dasar bersifat perkauman (not inclusive)..ada jugak yang tentang sebab dasar ini hanya mengkayakan 2-3 kerat kroni pihak atasan..and, etc..well, i could say that i agree w/ most of the  reasons as to abolish this affirmative policy (tho, i am right now enjoying the benefit of DEB)

then, a group of people, (i prefer to use group, instead of party since those people, who oppose the DEB, are coming from various political beliefs), come up w/ a novel idea so to implement a more fair, and inclusive policy..this policy goes beyond racial, each of us, regardless of our skin color or culture, will be given an equal opportunity to succeed..but, the priority is given to those in needs..hence, in a nutshell, this policy is more towards helping needy people! but, my question is, will this policy help the Malays (the majority, and sorry to say, the "developing" race in Malaysia) to move forward? it's worth to note that, if the Malays are not moving forward, it's more likely that Malaysia will do the same so, since they are the majority (almost 60% of the whole population)..well, my reason to say so is very simple..this new policy will help only those in needs, which mean these people are the ones who live in remote area, with no access to basic facilities, or those who are living in urban or suburban, but are categorized as poor (low income per household), i fear that this new policy, which is supposed to help people across of racial background, will eventually be the policy for Malays..considering the current state of mind among the Malays, most of them, with no shame, prefer to be helped instead of being independent..hence, i'm so critical that this new policy would actually hold the Malays from moving forward since most of them prefer to be living in needy groups!

so, i would suggest a new policy that would help those that deserve, regardless of their races..well, this might sound better, and it won't lead the Malays to remain in their malaise state..again, this sounds better since it would transcend beyond races..but, speaking of current reality, won't it be that way? i can say that based on the huge difference in term of attitude among Malays, Chinese, Indians, and other indigenous sub-races..i talked w/ a friend of mine, who is used to be teaching assistant in one of public university in question was simple, and thus expected: do you see any differences between Malay and Chinese students? well, his answer was simple, and also anticipated: yes, it's huge..they are very different in term of attitude..and, i know, you guys can guess which one is better, right? so, i'm wondering if we implement this policy, would it be a fair policy that would go beyond races? or would it be only for one race? so, if the answer for the latter was yes, this policy is nothing better than the previous one (policy based on those in needs) or even the DEB itself!

so people, it might easy to say this one policy is bad because of bla bla bla..but, we have to see the point here is very simple..regardless of any policies adopted, or whose in power, if we still cannot change the attitude of our people, our country won't do any better...we might as well have to postpone our vision 2020..well, for me, vision 3030 would be more realistic then, considering the current state of attitudes among the people! (lol, i might be exaggerating here! the current situation is much better than that!)

p/s: i'm just speaking my view here..i hope no one would be irritated..i can accept any criticisms, but please do it w/ high integrity and good manner..i know i'm not that good, but at least i know that i have lots to ameliorate! hence, i'm improving myself! anyway, am glad to hear to any responses from you guys! jangan lupa puasa 6!   ;)

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