Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Day I Would Die!

"i know the time, of which i leave this world, will eventually come regardless of what..but, the question is (as most people used to say), am i preparing for that crucial time? what have i done so far? and etc.."

well, it's hard to say, but most people do always misinterpret their own religions (in this context, we're talking of Islam)..for some, who call themselves as religious, this world means nothing to them..well, their typical, and thus pathetic argument is that "the world is mortal! so, why bother so much on that?" ..but, my friends, is that true? is Islam stopping their followers from progressing? if the answer for the latter was yes, i could say that Islam is not the proper religion then..yet, the reality is different..Islam does encourage their followers to progress, but in a way that they won't hurt one can be a successful businessman, for example, but you cannot do so by manipulating others' money (am talking about money trading, which is mainly based on speculation)..

so, to be really religious, we have to do lot of things other than merely practicing some ritual an easy way, how could you call yourself as a good Muslim, if, when you were given a task, you cannot perform it could you talk about the hadith, while you're sleeping in your could you preach Islam to others, whereas you are menipu while exam! come on, dude! it's not you have to be perfect before you can talk about Islam..but, my point is have to translate your understanding towards Islam in everything you do, not merely while you're performing solat, or etc..believe me, if most of us  are practicing the actual Islam (not the conventional one), no one would have any problems with us..and as a matter of fact, Islam is preaching their followers to avoid of being extreme! don't go beyond limit, as we're better if we're just being in kelompok pertengahan! 

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