Saturday, September 25, 2010

Meeting Up with Prime Minister for Eid Celebration in NYC

i just hit my couch while i'm writing this..and, am still exhausted as i just came back from almost 3 hrs social event with Prime Minister and many Malaysian communities in NYC..tho i did expect to be standing like min 2 hrs for any social event i attended, but, this time, it's much more tiring..a small banquet room is used to accommodate like more than 200 people, i's kinda crowded, but it turned to be a very positive outcome: i got to socialize with many people, as we are relatively "closed" to each others..of preparation-wise, i could give the organizing committee was superb as everything went smoothly.. (something i have to learn from the committee)

but, this such perfect event does make me thinking of one particular point: how about the content of the event? do the people learn anything from it? yet, based on my random observation, the efforts have been put so much in ensuring the event to run smoothly (that's good)..but, i think they did overlook of another important aspect of any functions: THE do they ensure that every messages conveyed by the Honorable Prime Minister would reach the audience? well, i know it's kinda hard to control everybody so that each of them would carefully listen, and learn something..but, i guess, we need to do something..we need to start worrying of the content aspect for every functions we host..then only comes the protocol, and etc...well, as a matter of fact, i, myself, don't have the solution for that too..but, the bottom line is to start prioritizing! anyway, i would like to paraphrase of one line from  PM Najib's speech today:

" we are not just to achieve the targets of all new strategies employed by the present government..we are actually transforming Malaysia!" (well, it's not exactly what PM said..but, the meaning is most likely the same)

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