Saturday, October 30, 2010

SPM 2010: Good Luck!

lagi 3 minggu, paper pertama SPM 2010 (bahasa melayu) akan bermula..rasa takut, cuak, dan nervous..the fact that i was no longer high school student..still, i feel so nervous about it..but, why?

last year, saya bersama rakan2 laen ada menganjurkan satu program motivasi bersama student form 4 dari dua buah sekolah di Mersing..the theme of the program was "a good start for a better tomorrow," which mainly centered on achieving excellent results in the 2010 SPM..we applied slightly different approach so to motivate them: merely based on reward-system, in which if u strive hard, and thus get good results, u will be granted with various kind of opportunities..we, at that time, didn't believe, and therefore ridicule the concept of punishment..

we also ruled out some redundant rules during the camp period..for example, we just enforced one basic rule, which is time punctuality..other than that, the students are free from any bounds..they can go to the talk w/ tee tucked out, flip-flop, and the best part is they are treated as friends rather than participants..even to the extent, our very own facilitators merely wore kain sarung while giving talk..the point of doing such things was to demonstrate the needs of concentrating on the content of the event, and not otherwise..why should we bother to ask the students to always tuck their tee in, while we simply know that these students won't do the same thing when they are out in town? why should we ask them to wear formal/school shoes during the camp while they don't feel comfortable with it? these are the arguments that i personally talked to the teachers from both schools when they challenged our camp rules..luckily enough, they submitted to our rationales, and thus gave us as much freedom to conduct the camp in a way that we though might benefit the students..for this understanding, i'm so grateful..

anyway, thru some feedbacks from the students, the program seemed like to be successful..but, for me personally, it was not sufficient..i desired solid numerical data so to evaluate the program..hence, we decided to take 2010 SPM results as our true indicator..and, i pray to God so all these students are granted with determination and perseverance while taking the test..i also pray to God so to make their ways easier than they might all adik2 Summer Camp SPM 2010, i wish u guys all the best..i, personally, will always pray for ur thrive.."tho SPM is not everything, but it's a key to a better hard, pray hard, and act smart!"

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