Sunday, October 3, 2010

Should I go for it?

hey folks,

last week has been a very long, and thus tiring week for me..too many papers to read (& review), a long due research, and of course a bunch of homework (case study, and etc)..but, thank God, i managed to go through all these hardships..well, i cannot complain much, i guess, since that's the price i have to pay for being a student..and, as a matter of fact, am neither planning to get out from school soon, tho..hopefully, grad school will treat me well next year.. ;)

well, i have been talking (if u notice) so much about  attitude lately: patience, perseverance, positive-minded, and etc..all these attributes are (as of reality) very hard to adapt..believe me! but, regardless of how difficult they are, we still can have all of them..yet, how to begin! frequently, the hardest thing as to change ourselves is "the believing" process..we have to, by any means, convince ourselves that this change is, no way could we escape from it..and always than never, we would have self-conflict..and here is what happening to me everything i wanna do "better" things:

i always ask myself these two basic questions?

  • do i really HAVE to change myself for this? 
  • is it worthy for me to sacrifice my "happy" time as to strive for the better?
and, honestly, always than never, my answers for both are the same, which is NO! well, am lucky enough since the thinking process don't really stop, most of the time, i would change the question so it sounds more like this:
  • do i really WANT to change myself for the better?
and, guess what, my answer for this is always YES! thus, here is my conclusion:

" it's not that we HAVE to change ourselves, instead we WANT to be better person!" folks, being a better person is our one has right to ask you to do this and that..but, believe me, you won't lose anything if you strive for the best..and Allah has mentioned this in the Holy Koran, in which humans (us) are His Best creating among the others..and of course, in life there are only two options left for each of us: either to become REALLY successful, or REALLY failure..there is nothing in, if you cannot get yourself among the top, you surely know where your position is! ;)

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