Friday, October 29, 2010

Mutually Exclusive

i just learned from a movie, of which i forgot its title, that men and women are way different from each others..they barely have the common..and the salient different (as being mentioned in that movie) between them is the following:

WOMEN: when they talk about their problems to someone (especially guys), they don't expect the guy to give them solution..what they really care is for the guy to show his empathy towards their misfortunes..for example, when they say that they got troubles with their co-workers, they don't want the guy to guide them to get out from the problem..merely listening to their stories is good enough for them..thus, this explains the reason why women want their partners to listen them, instead of being their problem solvers

MEN: for men, there is one basic rule: "I speak what i really mean!" and thus, when men asks solutions for their troubles, they do really mean it..they don't really care about all those emotional feelings..for them, the quicker they got out from their problems, the happier they would be..they are more excited to see the results, rather than the process..that's why, they prefer to share their problems with their male buddies..also, men, typically, consider being emotionally needy is a sign of weakness..hence, they would rather act cool regardless of how severe their problems are..

i think by knowing this spectacular behavioral differences between men and women would be really helpful to sustain any kind of relationship..the common mistake for most of failed marriage is due to the lack of understanding of this side is expecting the other to behave the same way that (s)he does..when this happen, it will create a conflict of interest..typically, both would be hurt at the end of the day..

I can guarantee you that, by any means, we couldn't change the nature of both creations..they are created so to be mutually exclusive to each others..i used to think men and women in the following method:

in basic probability theory, two events are mutually exclusive iff:

let's assume A = men, and B = women..and thus, 

P(A n B) = P(A) * P(B)   

going further by considering conditional probability:

P(A/B) = probability for A to happen, given the B event happens.

P(A/B) = P(A n B) / P(B),

so for mutual exclusive case, we can simplify to the following:

P(A/B) = P(A) * P(B) / P(B)  = P(A)

this applies to P(B/A) = P(B)

hence, it proves that each events (men and women) is independent of each others..they could survive w/o the existence of one another..but, to be more successful, they should work on different note..they should forget the fact that they are different, but to complement each others..that's why, it's against the rule of nature (as well as Islam) for humans to get married with their same genders..for homo couples, they might have better understandings towards each other's feelings, yet they are not complete...therefore, sometimes, the reason for us of not being perfect is to let others to fill the gap (this explain the idea of getting married..yes, i mean heterogeneous kinda marriage)..and i like this one particular notion, "the men's responsibility is not to understand their girls, but merely to love them!"

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