Saturday, October 23, 2010

I was Surprised for..

i was actually surprised for the following reasons:

1) shallow perspective on politics:

i think everybody should know that politics is more than merely supporting one political party..politics is thus  not about gaining money or power..instead, politics covers almost every aspect of our lives..if someone says that (s)he doesn't like politics, and thus has no interest to know it, i know (s)he is nothing but ignorant..come on guys, if you reject the knowledge of politics, it means that you are lacking one of human surviving skills!

2) charity is not a big issue in many "supposed-to-be" Islamic countries:

 i was so intrigued to the fact that Americans had spent billion of dollars merely for charity cause (refer to Newsweek, Oct issue)..but, looking to the other Islamic countries, where does the billion of dollars go? building hundredth-stories of skyscrapers? building the longest bridge or whatsoever? well, i don't mind if the money used to develop first-class infrastructures coming from the excessive one! but, when thousands of people are still working days and nights, cutting daily expenses just to survive, all these big buildings just don't make sense to me..

well, back to the charity topic, Allah has mentioned repeatedly in many verses in Holy Koran that to succeed both in dunya and hereafter, one should perform regular prayer, and also do charity..but, for our current society, charity is something small in value..we do that only when we have free times, or excess money..but, many forget, it's not how much time or money that is counted, but the determination to do should be nice if we could spend one hour/week so to do this charity thing..guys, it could be anything..i'm pretty sure there are many places that need part-time volunteer in m'sia..but, if you cannot find one near to ur place, you can just simply go to nearest shouldn't be any excuses for not doing that..

3) stupid judgmental attitude is rampant in our society:

always than never, when we see people, we tend to judge them: from their personality to the way they eat (redundant)..but, as we are judging people, don't we think that others are doing the same thing to us? see, this stupid attitude is not stopping would spread to the community in the way that any contiguous disease would do..guys, it is really not good..when you are being too judgmental, you would create a sense of superiority within yourself..yes, i'm better than him in this way, this guy is stupid, and bla bla bla..when you are being too obsessed with yourself, then it's hard for you to accept any good and sincere advices given to, from being just a judgmental guy, you are now a very close-minded person..bear in mind guys, once we can stop judging people, we would treat people equally..and this is what Islam has taught us: to see people equally..also, i read this equality concept from a book, called "life as we make it!" i would recommend this book for u! very soul-replenishing! 

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