Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ground-Zero Revisited

woah, yesterday has been a wonderful day for house in the morning, playing badminton at noon, shopping at late evening, and ended up watching movie at night..and the best of all was that, we did all those things together..yes, it was called, BROTHERHOOD! sounds pathetic, but it's real! 

anyway, i won't be talking about brotherhood..everybody knows how important it man could stand without the support of his brothers! okay, enough with that..

actually, we were planning to go to Woodbury outlet for winter-coat shopping yesterday..yet, considering how tiring it could be, we decided to change the plan..instead of taking 1 and 1/2 hours train to Woodbury, we agreed to just settle for Century 21, around 1/2 hour trip via path train..

so, speaking of century 21, it's not as good as Woodbury outlets, yet is way better than the Burlington..but, the fact that we are boys, we don't care too much about brands! as long as it's good and comfortable, we'd be fine! ;)

the interesting fact about Century 21 is that it's sitting just in front of Ground Zero, "the site of the World Trade Center, which was destroyed in the September 11, 2001 attacks!" thus, every time i walk by this site, my heart would start pounding damn fast. my mind, on the other side, would try to visualize the "attack" and all possible chaotic situations occurred at that time..i'm so pity to all victims as well as their family members..

but, with so much conspiracy theories behind this "ridiculous" attack, more often than never, i got myself confused..and up till now, i couldn't really convince myself who was the mastermind of all this disaster...but, for sure, whoever he(she) is, he is surely genius and animal..for whatever reasons he(she) might have, i just don't care..violence is always irrelevant, and thus should not be condoned in any civilized society..

..yet, to put all blame to Muslim community is indeed unfair..there is yet to be a solid evidence to clearly proof that Muslims were the attackers..and, if it was true that Muslims were part of the attack, it's unfair to relate Islam with terrorism! indeed, as this case is concerned, i take  unapologetic stand! i won't be tolerated if people trying to make fun of Islam..Islam, in principal, doesn't allow her followers to resort for's forbidden..Islam is a religion that promotes peace and harmony! so, i consider it to be offensive to equate ISLAM with TERRORISM! we, the Muslims, respect other religions, so should the others! ;)

p/s: i hope we could stop spreading so much conspiracy theories..i just don't really care...we should have moved on instead..past is past! no matter how much we cried for it, it won't, we should deal with our present, and plan for our better future! ;)

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