Thursday, October 14, 2010


now, i can officially declare that i'm done for scholar, all the scholars (including me) were required to present our research works during yesterday exhibition..well, it was not like a regular, but merely a poster, i stayed there for more than 2 hrs..and within that period, i got the opportunity to explain to quite a number of guests..and of course, the hardest moment came when some of my professors dropped by, and asked few questions (tergagap jugak nk jawab, at first)..but, as time passed by, i was used to that (al-maklumlah, x pernah ader poster presentation before this)..but, the experiences worth the hardships..

"my poster: the pic is a bit blurry"

and of course, there were like 20 more other interesting posters during the exhibition..alas, i don't have their pics with me..and, while waiting for guests to stop by, i had such wonderful chats with my counterparts..we talked a lot of things, and mostly about how interested we were while doing the research.. and as far as i'm concerned, all these guys are so innovative, and motivated..and, one of the projects that really interest me is something related to surgical equipments..and anyway, i got to meet my "long lost buddy" during the day..and what surprised me was the fact that he was also doing the summer a matter of fact, we were in the same group for our Design 1 project, in which we managed to hit the first place for robot competition..well, the competition was merely among our batch! 

but folks, my point here is that, for our country to become developed, we need to train our human resources to become more innovative and creative..and to do so, freedom is one of crucial key cannot be creative/innovative if your freedom is suppressed! i think u got what i mean! ;-)

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