Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kahwin Muda:

i know this topic is kinda pathetic to talk about, especially  when the author himself is still in college..but, as of my own view, it's very critical and substantial topic..indeed, some students did suggest to discuss it in our last year kedai kopi..yet, unfortunately it wasn't picked up as the discussion topic..

speaking in term of economically p.o.f, m'sia is really in a dire need to increase her own far as i'm concerned, the birth rate in m'sia is increasing, but in a slow pattern..this is due to the fact that many people prefer to concentrate on charting their career path in the early stage of their lives (appx. 10 years after college)..or perhaps, some of them (especially guys) are more concerned to have a considerably stable financial condition beforehand..and the list goes on..but, whether we realize or not, the ability of China to catch up w/ the US economy is mainly due to their large populations (and of course due to some other reasons, such as change of government policy, quality of their education, and thus their human capital)..if you learn any basic economics course, you would know that there are 5 major factors that contribute to GDP. (GDP: a measure to evaluate one's country well-economic being..tho, some economists argue on its reliability, it's still assumed to be the best indicator so far)..and one of them is domestic consumption..hence, logically, for a country with  larger population, the domestic demand would be, the dependency on export/import for example would be lesser..yet, this didn't apply to m'sia..when US economy was in recession, Malaysia was also largely affected..why? simply because our economy is mainly driven by export/import..our domestic consumption is too small so to cover the loss due to reduced export/import activities..

so, tho this topic seems lame, but it has a very big impact to our country generally..but, it is important to notice that, the divorce rate in m'sia is quite, the average happiness in marriage among our people is simply low..then, here comes to this simply question: "are we thoughtful enough while considering our life-partner? i am fervent believer that love is very powerful..but, other factors such as mutual understanding is also substantial in any successful marriage.." well, i guess you guys should see the contradicting here, right? at first, i hint the importance of early marriage (from economic point of view)..and later on, i mention the fact that MAYBE our married couples are not happy (due to improper consideration while choosing their spouses. this is like i don't encourage people to get married in their early ages..well, simply bcause youngsters are more impulsive while making decision..rationale is typically left aside)..

well, in my opinion, the answer (whether to marry early or not), is in individual's hand..but, for a simplicity, if you have found a right person, at the right time, i guess, getting married is the best option..but, what is the right time? well, you'll know by yourself..but, for those who have good financial condition + found right person, my advice is: TUNGGU APA LAGI JANG OI! NIKOH JE LE!"

but, for those (espc. saudara-mara), who keep bugging me for the fact that i'm still a loner, here is my reply..

  • i found it's very easy to get a gf..but, to get someone, whom you take her as your soul-partner is relatively hard...for me, i'm more interested to find the latter part..i'm done with all this gf's, this explains why it's hard for me to have one, right now!  ;)  --> i'm looking a girl, with characteristics mentioned in the song! ;)

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  1. kawen lambat xpe atas sbb nak cari soulmate, tp jgn ujung2 soulmatenye laki gak suda...haha


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