Saturday, August 7, 2010

Common Sense

"you asked me whose life was more important- yours or mine, and i answered MINE; you walked away angry, not knowing that YOU ARE MY LIFE!"

as i browsed thru others' fb account (one of my morning rituals as to get updates of my dear friends), i found a link that led me to the above phrase..well, it's very typical of me to look things from "non-positive" side..i know this phrase is figuratively beautiful and ear-soothing, but in other perspective, it just does't make sense to me..the sentence has too many ambiguities, which sometimes, without prudent consideration, might lead to misunderstandings between people involved..why should we use such ambiguous words, while we have such simpler and direct ways of conveying our message?? in above case, the real intention is to express one's love towards his/her pair..why shouldn't (s)he say "i love u" instead?? does it make more sense??

Common Sense:
true or not, based on my observation, Americans are more polite and civilized as compared to my people..i know, this is very hard to accept by most of the Malaysians..but, as a saying goes, "reality hurts/sucks!" yet, for some, tho they agree w/ this reality, they are still finding lame excuses as to define the lack of civilization in our society..yes, it's true that America has been existed for a long long time, more than 200 years ago..hence, logically, their civilization should/must be greater and superior than ours, which only gained independence about 50 years ago..but, for me, to use such reason as an excuse of our lack of progress, in term of social evolution, is nothing but a  pathetic one..

number is just an illusion..but, many prefer to stay in this mind-trap for the rest of their lives..well, for them, elders should be wiser/knowledgeable than the youngsters, elders should be respected regardless of any, and etc..but folks, realize or not, age is just another number, which does not have any authority to define one's characters..i would rather respect the young, who has more knowledge, rather than the elders who has nothing to offer since in the end, it's not how many years you have lived that counts, but how do you apply your knowledge for the benefits of your society, right?? 

so, back to our actual topic, to say that Americans are more civilized simply because of their long history as compared to ours, is ridiculous..we cannot blame the history as to reasoning our weaknesses, right?? thus, the only thing we should do now is by asking/searching their formulas of developing their civilized society..what do they have, in which we are yet to develop?? again, based on my observation, they have nothing special, which is very different from ours except their people are using their common sense so to live their daily should i prove this??? for the past 2 years, i have been travelling some places in the States, such as Florida, Illinois, Michigan, New Orleans, and thing i noticed is that most of their public restrooms (tho not all) are very clean..i don't think they have more workers to clean the restrooms more often than we have in our, how do they keep their public clean? the answer is simple but always have been overlooked by's because most of the people use their common senses to flush the toilet bowl after using it, to throw toilet papers into thrash bin, to resist their temptations to "do art works" on toilet wall, and etc..all these etiquettes require no formal lessons in class, or constant lectures during the Friday's sermon (apply in Malaysia)'s just to use ones' common sense..yes, it's that simple! believe me..another example is to come before the departing time if you use public it very hard to be there earlier than the schedule so that the bus, for example, could depart on time..don't you ever think or sense, how annoyed the people are to wait just for you???dudes, it's common sense to think that way..

hence, i guess, if our Malaysians apply their common senses in their every day lives, we might be able to solve many problems.. the government doesn't have to spend much money and time as to educate people to "cintai sungai kita," "hapuskan nyamuk aedes." and etc..believe me, there are many things in our lives that require no high education to just needs sometime for us to ponder and realize our common senses..(also, in investment, there's a rule of thumb, in which investors use their common sense as to make important decisions)

adios amigos..

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