Thursday, August 12, 2010 malaysia (updates!)


i am yet to be home...still staying somewhere in Kuala daily routine is the same: wake up early in the morning, and get some stuffs for my aunty in the hospital..since the visiting hours is from 12pm, i cannot stay long in the, usually, i continue my sleep after the "morning delivery."

and then, come back again around 12pm to 2pm..well, it has been awhile since i met my aunty..thus, i told her everything about my life in States..everything, from my personal to study life..she's happy, i guess, to know that i'm doing pretty good so far.. :)

then, after 2 hrs of little chatting w/ her, i'd go to nearby bazar ramadhan around 3 pm to get some foods for my aunty..well, it's bad to say here that the foods provided by the hospital is wonder, my aunty never finished her foods..pity her! ;(

and then, i'll be back to her ward again around 5 before, i'd stay up to 7 pm (about 2hrs)..then, i'd go out for's pretty cool to have iftar alone! feels like an awesome dad, whose wife and kids are already dead! haha..ok, i am joking!

anyway, tho i am bit tired (yes, i am still struggling to fix my biological clock), am more than happy to be there around my aunty! today, i am thinking of showing her all pics of me while i am in the States..i hope i can make her smile today! ;)


i was told that my application has been rejected..i don't mind either since i got some more important things to do instead of attending this conference...anyway, thinking how many benefits i could have by joining this conference has made me felt a bit sad! nonetheless, i did try..and this time, i'm not that good enough to be selected..never mind! ;)

Vacation Plan:

honestly, i already made some arrangements w/ my old buddies for a short vacation trip..yet, to consider the current state of mine, i don't think i could make it! i feel so bad to my friends..but, in life, priority is very important..sometimes, we need to hurt ones' feeling as to cure another..i am not that perfect anyway, to keep all of them happy since i, myself, am not that happy either! anyway, i hope this decision serves me the best!  


  1. food hospital is tasteless for some medical reason lah dear shahrir.haha.its important for some people to restrict their food intake during illness,coz outside food maybe contaminated by pollutants or bacteria or anything :P

  2. dear n,

    i know it..but, should be a bit more tasty la..nie, x rasa ape2 lansung! even, me, the healthy one, cannot eat that kind of food..just imagine those, who are sick!


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