Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Spirit of Merdeka Day!

"1Malaysia: to Drive Transformation"

let's put the remarked notion into reality! otherwise, it'd only become empty talks! but, how & where to begin??

1. don't be fanatic, but "fan of ethics!"

being fanatic of one ideology would not bring any good to us! it's not wrong, tho, to believe in any! but, to have that mine is right, and yours is wrong kinda attitude is something ridiculous and unacceptable..let's put it in a simpler form..if i was to believe in socialism, it won't give me any rights, tho, to condemn secularism or capitalism..how on earth could i prove that my ideology is better than others?? thus, it's that important to be ethical whenever we are discussing any topics..furthermore, living in a modern world, in which each of us is entitled to freely speak our minds, would demand us to be substantially tolerate to any criticisms and discrepancies..we shouldn't misuse our freedoms to dismantle others, just because they have different views on life..well, i do believe, each of us, tho some are not that obvious, is longing to make this world a better place to dwell in..but, the approaches might be different from one person to another..thus, instead of discouraging them, why not we work as a team? it's not that difficult, in a real sense, to put our differences aside, as long as we are willing to give up our fanatic attitude, and thus be a fan of ethics! remember, Prophet Muhamad p.b.u.h was sent so to fix the people's morals on that day! guys, in the spirit of Merdeka Day, let's change for the better..don't be too emotional and judgmental! 

"jiwa kena besar, impian mesti mencabar!"

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