Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thoughtful "rambling" [Paradox]

i don't feel like home:

the moment i arrived in the KLIA, about a week ago, i felt so awkward..logically, i supposed to be happy since this is my home country..but, i didn't feel that way...instead, i was so uncomfortable every time i spoke w/ some  malaysian guys..i don't know why, but it just happened..

to be honest, nothing in here that really makes myself happy..the tv shows are so lame, the newspapers are reporting unnecessary news, the prices of goods and products are so high (a good indication of high inflation), the internet connection is super-duper "fast"and etc..yet, thanks to my family, friends, and foods..because of these 3f, i could barely survive my first week in here..gosh, i have more or less two more weeks to go! please keep me alive, God!

changed & unchanged: 

to begin with, i am not a shrewd observer..but, i do observe! 


the prices of goods and products are increasing crazily..i did go to bazaar ramadhan recently to get some foods for iftar...to be honest, i am not a big fan of any "kuih-muih." so, instead of buying foods, i just walked around, meeting w/ my old buddies..but, i noticed the price of these "kuih-muih" is way more expensive that it was a year ago..two for rm1..it's so insane! 

there are currently many new tv shows..and they are getting lamer and more pathetic than they were few years ago! come on, guys! don't u think our people are getting smarter and smarter?? so, i beg u guys to consider the people's intellect every time u make a new show! please!


the customer service is yet to be good/improved...it's still the same as it was about a decade ago..i think our people should be more polite as compared to the people in the west..yet, it happens otherwise..i feel so bad!

the taxi drivers are yet to stop from manipulating the tourists..they charge these tourists higher than it was supposed to be..to make it even worse. some of these drivers are wearing white "kupiah." yet, they cannot resist themselves from cheating..

while i was in KL, i prefer to use public transport instead of asking my sister to bring me to this and that place..KTM commuter, and lrt are my favorite one! but, every time i boarded a train, i felt so sad..it was very rare to see our people to read books, magazines, and etc..why it is so hard to bring a small book to read while travelling? is it that hard? we should bear in mind that, "bangsa berjaya adalah bangsa yang membaca!" 

while waiting for my aunty in the hospital, i got to know a middle-aged man, whose wife is having blood cancer..this man, according to him, is a contractor..so, one day, while talking to me, he did receive a phone call..and then, he told me that he had to attend an iftar w/ a guy (a big guy) from one gov department.. haha..idk why, but i felt something fishy! i think you guys know what i mean! anyway, this habit has been rooted in our society for many years..if you don't know "somebody," it's very hard for you to be successful.. well, i feel so bad abut this! can we judge only based on one's performance?? and not other factors! People, can we change???

my aunt's updates:

what i do expect has becoming reality..she was diagnosed for having blood cancer..but, the doctor is yet to confirm of which type the cancer is..i really hope that my aunty will fully recover from this fatal disease..i cannot imagine my life w/o her around..she's the one, instead of my parents, who has given undivided support while i am in good or bad times..i want her to see me, growing up to be a good and charismatic man! i want her to see me, achieving my dream..she's the only person, who knows my real dream..i am yet to tell anybody, even my mom, about my actual dream.she's also the person, whom i look for whenever i need somebody to cry my problems..dear god, i pray w/ my heart and soul, that she'll regain her health! i want her to be happy since her happiness is also mine! 

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