Sunday, August 8, 2010


it's always hard to discuss on this one particular topic - unity! all of us, w/ no exception, agree that unity is a vital element in ensuring the successful of a country..unity is the only key to protect us from any chaotic, and harmful situation, to tie us together, and also to nurture love among the people..

but, each of us might see unity from different might say, unity is a concept of total acceptance, in which everybody, of different backgrounds, might disregard their unique identities, and therefore, consider themselves as ONE!

another theory that worths to be considered is by thinking unity as a formula to unite people of various upbringing, or races, w/o compromising their own cultures..for me, both are good, but the latter theory seems to be better.. a kid living in considerably remote area, i was given only a little chance to mix other words, diversity was totally out! just imagine, while i was in kindergarten, i have only Malay friends, sitting next to me..then, the same thing continued as i admitted to my primary school..the situation was getting worse, i guess, as i was selected to be in a boarding school..yet, i was very fortunate, as my misery stopped once i arrived in the States..i got to know a lot of people..i have few Turkish friends (most of them are very snobbish), Jews (in which many of them are very clever and kind to me), Chinese (from Main Land), and etc..what had enriched me later on was the fact that i'd been working w/ some Chinese, and local people for my research project..furthermore, i was called to engage in a brainstorming session (tho of my limited knowledge) during the research was totally absolutely tremendously awesome..

but, as much as i loved to know more about Americans, i noticed that these people are not very diverse..tho most of them are from different races or beliefs, they do regard themselves as American..even, some of them (of my knowledge), to the extend, are shy to recognize their origins! this, for me, is something unacceptable..forgetting our roots for the sake of the unity won't make any good or sense! anyway, New York City was built by the, the current 'immigrant' generation should/must be proud of their ancestors..

anyway, just imagine if each of the Americans acknowledges their origins, while at the same time, learning other cultures..i guess, this country would be a lot successful than it is today!

as i said in my early post, i do support unity! i do support a cause of "color blind!"it has always been my principle that no one should be left out from any opportunities for their "minority" status! it ain't fair!

but, on different note, each of us should not be ashamed of our own i'm always proud to be a Malay, regardless of how many bad title assigned to Malays..but, it doesn't mean i hate the other races..i guess it's not wrong to describe myself as a  "Malay" before a other words, i am proud of being Malay, but i love my other races' it that hard to be that way???

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