Sunday, August 1, 2010


of family-oriented society:
i  bet, yesterday was such a wonderful day for my friends and i..while visiting one malaysian family in New Haven, Ct, we were be able to get-to-know w/ many other m'sian families..these guys are so close to each others..well, i guess, it's just one out of thousand benefits of living overseas..instead of living separately, they choose to picture themselves as a ONE BIG family..they love their friends' kids, for example, in the same way they love their own children..they cook, laugh , and, i am pretty sure, are concerned towards each others..the bond that keeps them together is what i really adore..and i hope, this noble r/ship will last like forever!

of travelling:
i've had a very great conversation w/ one of these m'sian guys (name is censored)..she talked a lot of her vast experience traveling all over the world..for her, traveling is one of the best ways to broaden and widen our perspectives towards life..this is what, according to her, is very essential in building one's great characters..well, what had amazed me the most is the fact that she could vividly remember her past trips whenever asked...that's cool, huh?

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