Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Knowledge (Part 2)

as being mentioned in my previous post, the process of acquiring knowledge is indeed very tough, yet not impossible..hence, it requires a thorough plan so to restructure our learning institution..and here are my comments in regards to this issue:

  • learning is not mere memorizing facts and figures
  • the notion that teachers know everything  should be redefined, if not eliminated
  • students are not just entitled to score high in exams, but encouraged to work more on personal research
  • the syllabus must be revised more often, while the content should be more provocative, which could stimulate critical thinkings among the students
  • the learning process should be in two ways - not only the students learn from the teachers, but it could happen the other way around
  • to get the students engaged in more lively in-class discussion
  • the teachers should act as facilitators, instead of instructors
  • each schools should have more areas of concentration, which could cater to current students' interest..as of today, most schools have stressed only on few major areas: pure science, Koran sunnah (religion), engineering
  • parents should not be the decision maker for their kids' future..instead, they should be a great supporter
  • corporates should allocate more fund on research projects
  • local community should create a conducive learning environment for the teenagers
  • public library should function more efficiently, other than just a book store 


  1. aku ade buku ni! haha. dpt hadiah sbb pemantun terbaik. tp baca sikit je. sbb mcm confusing sikit awal2 die. tp mak aku dah habis baca.

    -komen takde motif-

  2. silap2. sepatutnye komen tu utk post kat atas. and aku x reti nak delete


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