Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Malacca, 1515 : The Lesson

i am now reading "1515" written by Faisal Tehrani..the book is, by far, about the struggle of the Malacca people, namely the Malays, so to protect their state from the Portuguese..and it comes to my surprise, after reading half of this book, that there was a superwoman back then,named Nyemah Mulya, whose life was merely to stand for the people of Malacca..nonetheless, her immense contributions, as of my concerned, were yet being acknowledged by the's sad since, for me, her struggle is very significant in term of lesson-learning to the people of today..

tho, i have yet to finish this book, i could barely conclude that the defeat of the Malacca empire was entirely due to lack of ijtihad (thinking)..the defense team was, irrefutably, huge and strong in term of numbers of warriors and equipments..yet, they were lacking of war strategies..consequently, the Sultan of Malacca was forced to surrender, and therefore, had  to find a new place to hide..if only, we had great strategists back then, Malacca empire might still be existed in today's world..and thousands of our people might not be ferociously killed,  and our women won't be mercilessly raped by the Albuquerque and his people!

but, it was already our past..and, by no means, we could change it so to favor to our sides..yet, the lessons do really matter, for us, in our way to shape the future..

as a matter of fact, several years before Malacca was conquered by the Portuguese, the people were living happily..their civilization was, undoubtedly, better than the Western people..the economy, likewise, was very blossoming..therefore, it was very rare to see poor people (if any, they were little in number)..since the life was so awesome, these people were ignoring some essential elements, in which later led to the embarrassing lost..the knowledge, at that time, was not highly appreciated..the people were so allured to entertainment, rather than equipping themselves w/ knowledge..while they were tirelessly partying night over night, their foes were planning ways of defeating the time they realized, it was too late..the foes have been well prepared w/ equipments as well as strategies.. (to be continued)

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