Saturday, August 21, 2010

It was already Hari Raya for me!

i am so thankful to my beloved mom, aunt, and all my family members for making "hari raya" for me..there were ketupat, lemang, rendang, sambal kacang (my favorite), and etc..w/ many family members gathered in my house just now, the feeling was not much different from the actual hari, some of my little cousins did play fire-crackers while some of my favorite hari raya songs were loudly played..

i just can't describe my feeling right now..i think it's now my turn to make them, especially my parents and my aunt, happy..they have done everything for me..and i've promised myself, in whatever cases, family will always be my first career would come after..Thank God for bestowing me such wonderful, and understanding family..

..and to mom, i really love you to the bits! no one would ever replace you! you're that special to me, in which i cannot translate it into words!

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  1. posa pon blm abis.. dah dok perasan beraya... weh mkn tu igt2 la org Us skali.. mcm aku ni, kepingin nak rase ketupat hg tu...


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