Friday, December 24, 2010

2010 Recap: Malaysians Politics

Malaysian politics has never been lulled from gossips, accusations, vilifications, and etc..yet, there were really few topics that have been the highlights of 2010:

1) Racial Politics

whether we realize it or not. this was the center topic of Malaysian politics..each parties had made used this issue for their own personal interest..nothing much progress had been made so far..minorities are still fighting to claim their basic rights, while the major race is still being in defensive mode! no races has actually considered of others' well-being..everybody is so obsessed to fight for their rights, and very few do care about their responsibilities..

my comment: until one race can compromise their rights for the sake of others, we can't really solve this issue..tho, somehow we need to tell the younger generations that the time, when one deserves better treatment from others, is over..yet, i'm very positive that this tolerance can eventually be built, but not through political process..either sides has their own hidden agenda..the reform should be started from the ground, and must be initiated by people, like you and me (ordinary citizens)

2) Personal Integrity (Morality)

yeah, this is a prolonged issue..since some politicians are not competent, they try to find others' faults to make him/herself looking, there were many stories that linking one politician to this and that scandals..but, surprisingly, many have found this issue so interesting..for example, when i wrote about more academic issues, i got very low hit! yet, as i wrote about Anwar's case, all of sudden, i got much much better traffics..yeah, it really surprised me, but i might take it from positive side: possibly my writing is not so interesting to attract readers..

my comment: stop talking about one's faults..this is an important philosophy that's worth to ponder, " orang yang mengkritik itu tidak semestinya lebih baik dari orang yang dikritik!" the youngsters should change this political landscape..we need to create a more beneficial discussion, which is centered on national policy, rather than one's bed stories..

3) The Attitude of "Check & Destroy"

when the ruling party has lost its 2/3 majority in House of Representatives, many believed that it was a good beginning to have more substantial discussion on national policies, that would eventually benefit the people at large..but, what i have seen so far is the otherwise..the oppositions have gone too far, at sometime beyond reasonable point, in which they are no longer doing the "check & balance" kinda action, but rather "check and destroy!" the latest incident of bringing placards into the Parliament was a shame! 

my comment: i still believe in 2 party system..i like to see each sides competing to get people's support since at the end, it's the people who will be benefited..but, as present situation is concerned, i don't think it's gonna happen..since the oppositions' attitudes is to "check & destroy," it's gonna be very bad to the country..the standard must be brought back to "check & balance!" 

...and the list goes one from APCO to Kandang Khinzir! sometimes, i feel so sick! well, regardless of how we want to deny it, our political landscape has never changed a lot! yet, the political stability is very imperative to attract more foreign investments! we need to emulate Singapore, in this sense, in which they have more stable political environment..stop bullshitting one another, and start focusing to achieve our national mission, which is Wawasan 2020! yes, WE CAN! ;)

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