Wednesday, December 22, 2010

(Pro) vs (Re) active

what's the major difference btw becoming proactive and reactive? which one is better?

proactive, by definition, is self-initiated behavior. meanwhile, reactive is a state of being responsive! in wireless communications, there are two types of error-correction mechanisms; FEC (forward-error-correction) and ARQ (automatic-repeat-request)..although both methods are used for error correction, FEC seems to be more efficient since it can correct the error immediately..yet, ARQ can only detect an error, and request for a new packet to be sent again! oh yeah, in wireless, FEC is known as proactive error detection approach, while ARQ is the reactive method!

but, looking to our society (the Malays) for example, most of us are better described as reactive group..we just respond to situation as we don't want to take charge! for example, how many of us (the college students) do see our professors so to involve in their researches? how many of us, by our own initiative, do seriously looking for job? seriously here means we do attend career workshop, do talk with career officers, attend career fair not only the one organised by our school, do attend corporate dinner, and etc! and still, we can see many of us whining of not being offered a job yet! then, we blame the economy, and etc..well, if the economy is really really bad, how could some people got hired? don't we think that something might not be right in us?

plus, for example, when we don't really understand certain topic, many of us could easily give such lame excuses..oh, that's fine! i wasn't taught that topic in class..see, how easy the excuse is! if it was not taught in class, is it wrong for us to see an appropriate professor to get further explanation??? oh i forgot, we don't have enough time to meet the professor...we're such busy creatures! 

guys, if we really want to progress, we need to become a proactive society! we need to be independent! don't rely too much on others! are we scared? we got ALLAH, the Almighty one! so, keep believing! 

p/s: this is just the author's opinion..indeed, some of them are the reflections of  the author's attitudes itself! no hard feeling! ;)

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