Sunday, December 12, 2010

WikiLeaks: Anwar was caught in political sex trap!

"The document states the Singaporeans told ONA they made this assessment on the basis of 'technical intelligence', which is likely to relate to intercepted communications."  

you can read the full news by clicking to this link:

my comment:

well, i don't care much about anwar's case! if he were actually committing the act, it's between him and God! indeed, i don't see any shred of evidence given in the reports..everybody can come up, and claim that they have proofs! but, to say that saiful was paid is also ridiculous..what if, we, who were not in the place when the incident was reportedly happening, just shut our mouth up! let the court decides..don't act like we are granted with such "enlightening"  from God so we know who is guilty and who isn't! 

yet, as i said before, i have no interest with this guy, named anwar..Malaysia can do better without him, instead! the justice, indeed, can be done without him...anyway, what concern me much about the leak is that, if it was true, how safe our secret information is? if the singapore intelligence can easily intercept our communications, what our security officials are doing? and, i'm afraid that our military secrets can also be compromised! hey folks,  our security is much more important that anwar and saiful's case! as my friend always say, "the future of our country is not depending on these two figures!" so, let's focus on more important issue than this sodomy case! ;) 


  1. Salam bro,
    These spies intercept each other everyday,it's the matter of whether it's an important leak or not.Our spies once went into the S'pore's head army office!Now that's what I call a spy!

    This guy named Anwar might not be a concern to you,but it's a concern to Malaysian at large because he aspires to become the PM.And of course,we dont want a sodomizer,a US puppet to become the PM.If you have time,read about his 1998 sodomy & misuse of power conviction.DNA from a man's semen cannot lie my fren.We owe the truth to ourselves.Jazakallah=)

  2. wslm bro..

    haha..i know..but if they can easily intercept, that's the problem, i guess!

    well,that's why i don't understand why we have to be so fanatic with one leader!indeed, i've been following his case since 1998..i've read a lot of theories! yet, either he's convicted or not, will it really affect mak cik kiah who is living in remote area in Sarawak? thus, for me, either anwar or other leader's personal issue won't affect the people at large! the well-being of economy is more important!

    our people can no longer be entertained with this kinda issue!americans don't care much about their leaders' personal issues..instead, they are more concerned about the policies that will eventually reflect their lives! yet, i don't say that we could simply choose leader with low moral standard! here comes the question of prioritizing, between personal and policy!

    haha..such a long reply! anyway, thanks for reminding me! i do appreciate it! ;)

  3. But a great leader should have BOTH personality and policy and balance. don't you think so?

    btw i agreed with you that we shouldn't really 'layan' his case. kept on postponing and people started to get bored. however justice is there and truth will come out soon.

    n.. Gov should just focus more on their work.

  4. hey mr. e,

    i agreed much with u!personality and policy are both important..but, which one would benefit the people more? that's the question..

    anyway, i'm a bit embarrassed w/ the way our politicians behave! people no longer respect them, especially the youngsters! thus, we demand a new political system, which is based on knowledge and, i don't believe in all these conspiracy theories! sadly, that's what our people love the most! haha

    anyway, read "new politics" by saifuddin abdullah..very good!


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