Monday, December 27, 2010

my holidays so far

it has been more than a week since my last paper! with many students are now traveling to other parts of US, i still find myself locking up in my room..well, i might be going to LA this break, but only after the new, for the time to come, i'm not going anywhere..

but, for the past few days, life has treated me very well..i have enjoyed so far the company of my friends..on Friday, i had a day visit to Maybank office in friend and i had a great talk with the Maybank GM..yeah, we spent about 3 hours with him, talking about the Maybank key businesses, as well as the effects of 2008 Great Recession to both Maybank and our country..yet, the lesson learned from this talk is much greater than merely knowing how interesting and profitable the financial market is..the GM told us that everything is, since we are still young, we have a lots of new things to explore in future...we should be more optimistic in building our career path..for the fact, he was starting as MARDI officer, before being what he is today..and after all, i got my tandoori chicken for lunch, and to make it better, the lunch is on him..hehe

With Mr. Fauzi at Maybank Office in NYC

Then, the next day i spent my whole evening at my friend's house for Xmas lunch..yes, it was a family lunch, and i felt so welcomed to join them for the lunch..i was so fulled, eating variety of foods, specially cooked by his mom..the foods tasted genuinely great! also, we watched the Ong Bak movie together..the best part of this family is that the father is Italian, while the mother is from Philippine..and together, they raised 5 american kids..anyway, i got to taste to variety of cheese during the lunch! 

Some of Alex's (wearing green tee) brothers are not in this pic..

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